Time to gear up ’cause one of the biggest festivals is here! VH1 Supersonic all set to take place in Pune has quite an interesting line-up featuring artists like Major Lazer Soundsystem, King, Adam Beyer, Yotto, Patrice Bäumel, The Midnight, and more. To add to the excitement, the festival curators also announced another set of artist names who will be performing at the event like Ben Sims, Undercatt, Victor Ruiz, Ankytrixx, Gurbax, Sick Flip, HanuMankind, Lothika, Naezy, The F16s, Tsumyoki + GTC, Dappest x ADL, Gandhar (Live), Mary Ann, Raj, Saachi and Wild Wild Women.


The three day festival will be a treat for music lovers performances taking place across 5 dynamic stages. The Indian artists who are set to perform at the music festival are King, Naezy, The Yellow Diary, Arjun Vagale and Taba Chake. Naezy talking about the much awaited music festival said,

I’m beyond thrilled to hit the stage of Vh1 Supersonic this year! This time, it’ll be a celebration of the raw spirit of Indian hip-hop. So, as I step onto that stage, I carry with me the stories of every kid who dared to dream, every voice that went unheard, every beat that resonated in the alleys of Mumbai. Vh1 Supersonic, get ready to witness the revolution, this edition as we’re not just performing; we’re creating memories, one song at a time.”

The other Indian artists who have been a driving force in putting the country on the worldwide music map are Ankit Kocher aka Ankytrixx, Kunaal Gurbaxani aka GURBAX, Sick Flip, HanuMankind, Lothika, Tsumyoki + GTC and The F16s, whose performances at the festival are much awaited too. Vh1 Supersonic is all set to take place at the Mahalakshmi Lawns, Pune from February 16 to February 18.