In a recent development, popular television actress Rashami Desai has voiced her disapproval over a new advertisement promoting men’s sexual healthcare. The advertisement features Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh alongside adult film star Johnny Sins. Rashami took to her Instagram Stories to express her concerns, labelling the ad as a ‘slap’ on the TV industry and those associated with it. In her Instagram Story, she expressed her disappointment and concern over the portrayal of the TV industry in the advertisement.

In her statement, Rashami emphasized that television, often referred to as the “small screen,” plays a significant role in the lives of millions of people. She pointed out that television is not limited to just entertainment shows but also encompasses news, sports, and other forms of content that cater to a diverse audience. Expressing her disappointment with the advertisement, Rashami Desai remarked that it felt like a humiliation to everyone associated with the TV industry. She asserted that the portrayal of television in the ad was unexpected and disrespectful, considering the contributions of countless individuals who work tirelessly in the industry.

Rashami Desai’s comments have sparked a conversation about the portrayal of different entertainment mediums in advertisements and the need for sensitivity and inclusivity in marketing campaigns.