The anticipation surrounding the arrival of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s second baby has reached a fever pitch, with fans eagerly awaiting any details about the newest addition to their family. While the couple initially kept the news under wraps, subtle hints and inadvertent confirmations from close acquaintances have gradually unveiled the exciting development. Reports of Anushka Sharma‘s second pregnancy first emerged in October 2023, when insiders close to the celebrity couple shared the news with various media outlets.

It wasn’t until January 2024 that the news received a more public confirmation. During a YouTube session, former cricketer AB De Villiers unintentionally let slip about Virat Kohli’s family-centric priorities, inadvertently confirming the reports of Anushka’s pregnancy. Further intensifying the speculation surrounding the impending arrival of the couple’s second child was industrialist Harsh Goenka’s cryptic social media post. Taking to his preferred platform, Goenka hinted at the significance of the imminent birth, teasing about the potential future achievements of the yet-to-be-born baby. His post read, “A new baby is to be born in the next few days! Hope the baby takes India to great heights like the greatest cricketing father. Or will it follow the mother and be a film star? #MadeInIndia #ToBeBornInLondon.”

Their decision to maintain a low profile regarding their second pregnancy reflects their desire for privacy during such intimate moments, while also fueling the curiosity of their adoring fans.

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