In a heartwarming tribute to his soon-to-be bride, actor and producer Jackky Bhagnani has got a special love song for Rakul Preet Singh. The song is a personal gift from Jackky to Rakul, adding an extra touch of romance to their upcoming wedding. Jackky’s grand gesture is a testament to the depth of his affection for Rakul.

A close source reveals, “Jackky has poured his heart into this love song for Rakul, and it will be a part of their marriage celebration. He wanted to gift her something meaningful and something that she will always remember.” Despite having the recorded song ready, Jackky remains tight-lipped, wanting Rakul to experience the magic first-hand during their intimate and dreamy wedding in Goa.

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As the anticipation builds and love takes center stage, the song promises to be a melodic celebration of Jackky and Rakul’s union. Stay tuned for this touching musical moment, a symbol of Jackky’s love and the beginning of their beautiful journey together!

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