Imagine stepping into a world where glamour meets tranquillity, and every sunset is a celebration. Welcome to Villa Verona by Hireavilla, Goa’s latest gem that’s turning heads and capturing hearts! This stunning 6-bedroom villa, nestled in the lush lap of Parra, near the famous Coconut Tree Road, is not just a place to stay; it’s a realm of serene luxury and vibrant fun.

Our stay at Villa Verona was nothing short of spectacular. Picture this: a cosy nest in the heart of Goa’s buzzing vibe, yet a serene haven that feels just like home. The villa’s showstopper? A chic gazebo where our friend, the mixologist maestro Zubair, conjured up some mind-blowing Bloody Maria’s at sundown. It’s the perfect chill spot and, oh, an absolute hit for birthday bashes with a dash of starry elegance! 

But here’s the kicker – if your squad is larger than life, fret not! An identical villa stands right across, offering up to 12 bedrooms for that mega Goa holiday weekend. Imagine the possibilities!

Stepping inside Villa Verona, you’re greeted by a living space that’s a blend of comfort and artistry, leading to an outdoor oasis with a private pool and sunbeds, all set against a backdrop of enchanting greenery. The six bedrooms are sanctuaries of peace, styled with queen beds, plush cushions, and balconies that offer breathtaking views.

And let’s not forget the kitchen, a culinary dream with modern appliances and a dining area that’s perfect for feasts and heartwarming conversations.

So, are you ready to elevate your Goa experience? Villa Verona awaits with open arms and endless possibilities. Book your unforgettable staycation now and dive into the luxurious, fun-filled escape that is Villa Verona. Your glam Goa getaway starts here!

Catch a glimpse of our fabulous stay at Villa Verona: