Alia Bhatt has been tantalizing fans with glimpses of her journey and behind-the-scenes shots from her upcoming film ‘Jigra,’ sparking immense curiosity among audiences. Amidst speculations about Vedang Raina’s involvement, Alia finally put the rumors to rest by confirming his presence with an adorable post on Instagram. With the mystery solved, anticipation for ‘Jigra’ reaches new heights as fans eagerly await further updates.

Alia Bhatt took to Instagram to share heartwarming pictures with her co-star Vedang Raina, who previously featured in ‘Archies.’ Rumored to portray siblings in the upcoming film ‘Jigra,’ Alia’s post not only confirms the completion of the shoot but also radiates pure joy and camaraderie between the two actors. The candid snaps exude a strong bond, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their on-screen chemistry in ‘Jigra.’ Personally, I can’t help but feel excited and touched by the genuine connection they share, making me even more eager to witness their performances on the big screen.

Mark your calendars! ‘Jigra’ is set to hit cinemas on September 27, 2024, and I simply can’t wait to experience the magic unfold on the big screen!