Amidst his flourishing career in the film industry, Kartik Aaryan’s passion extends beyond the silver screen to his love for cars and bikes. Now Kartik marked a milestone as the actor adds a gleaming Range Rover SV to his luxurious collection, and he couldn’t resist sharing the joy with the world. With his furry companion, Katori Aaryan, by his side, Kartik beams with excitement in his adorable post.

In a delightful display of joy and whimsy, Kartik Aaryan took to Instagram to share a snapshot of himself lounging happily in the trunk of his brand-new Range Rover, accompanied by his adorable pet, Katori Aaryan. Sporting a look of pride and joy, Kartik exuded pure bliss as he embraced the moment. Despite the car’s reported value of over 5 crores, Kartik’s down-to-earth demeanor added a charming touch to the occasion, proving that even celebrities revel in life’s simple pleasures. With his quirky caption, “Humaari Range thodi si badh gayi,” Kartik added a playful twist to the celebration, turning the unveiling of his lavish acquisition into a moment of pure delight and pride.

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Congratulations to Kartik Aaryan on his latest milestone! Here’s to many more exhilarating adventures with his furry companion and countless more achievements on the horizon!