Karan Johar and Farah Khan continue to keep their followers entertained with their hilarious exchanges on social media. In their latest escapade, Farah takes fans on a comical tour of Karan’s new closet, filled with playful banter and witty remarks about each other’s fashion sense. The duo’s infectious laughter is sure to leave viewers in stitches, and even Hrithik Roshan couldn’t help but join the laughter-filled festivities.

Farah Khan recently shared a hilarious reel on her Instagram, featuring her and Karan Johar exploring his extravagant new closet. As they step into Karan’s bedroom, he jokingly remarks, “Nothing happens.” Their playful banter continues as they delve into the expansive wardrobe, with Karan teasing Farah about the clothes she’ll never wear because they’re too good. From shimmery attire to denim, each cupboard holds a comedic exchange, leaving Farah feeling “very poor” and Karan jokingly suggesting items she should own but doesn’t. The video also caught the attention of Hrithik Roshan, who joined in the laughter with a comment, adding to the fun and hilarious vibe of the reel. This reel really made me laugh and I was waiting to see more of what is in Karan’s closet.

I adore watching Farah and Karan’s sidesplitting videos as they never fail to bring laughter and joy. With each hilarious reel, I eagerly anticipate their next comedic escapade, always leaving us wanting more.