Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘Crew’ alongside her co-stars Kriti Sanon and Tabu. Amidst the buzz, she recently shared a fun tidbit about her sons: while Jehangir Ali Khan is akin to her, she reveals which son is similar to her and which son is similar to Saif Ali Khan.

In a heartwarming chat with Filme Shiny, Kareena Kapoor Khan gushed about her darling sons, highlighting how Jeh mirrors her appearance but inherits Saif Ali Khan‘s playful antics, while Tim shares his dad’s humor yet shyness, making their family moments even more precious and delightful. Truly, their adorable traits and unique blend of personalities make every moment together extra special!

The Khan family’s candid moments, from the peaks to the posts, are always a joy to behold. Their undeniable charm, especially little Jeh and Taimur, radiates pure cuteness at every turn!