Kiran Rao’s latest movie, mLaapataa Ladies,’ received an abundance of love and attention. In a recent interview with Miss Malini, she delved into the reasons behind its success, shared some behind-the-scenes moments, and even discussed Aamir Khan’s audition tape for the film.

In her interview with Miss Malini, Kiran Rao discussed Aamir Khan’s interest in auditioning for the role of Ravi Kishan in ‘Laapataa Ladies.’ Despite his eagerness, she opted not to cast him as she wanted a fresh face for the role. Rao revealed that Khan’s audition showcased his slightly more wicked interpretation of the character, although he struggled with the lines during the process. She teased that Khan’s audition tape would be released soon, adding anticipation for fans eager to see his take on the role and providing insight into the meticulous casting process behind the film.

Kiran Rao’s revelation about Aamir Khan’s audition offers a unique glimpse into the casting decisions and creative process behind ‘Laapataa Ladies.’ For more insights from the interview, head to the YouTube video embedded above!