Bollywood heartthrob Bobby Deol has officially called it a wrap on his latest project, and fans are buzzing with excitement over what’s to come. The project in question? None other than ‘Stardom,’ an eagerly anticipated series helmed by none other than Aryan Khan, son of the legendary Shah Rukh Khan, making his directorial debut and already making waves in the industry. ‘Stardom’ has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement, thanks to its intriguing storyline and star-studded cast. And with Bobby Deol in a pivotal role, expectations have been sky-high. The series promises to offer viewers a tantalizing glimpse into the glamorous yet tumultuous world of showbiz, with Deol’s character set to play a crucial role in driving the narrative forward.

According to reports from India Today, Bobby Deol wrapped up shooting for ‘Stardom’ last month, marking the end of an exciting journey on set. The final schedule took place at none other than the iconic YRF studio and Chitrakoot ground in Mumbai, where a set was meticulously crafted to bring the story to life. And if insider sources are to be believed, Deol’s professionalism and dedication to the project left the entire unit beaming with satisfaction. “Bobby wrapped the shoot last month (March). He was a thorough professional and very dedicated to this project. The whole unit was very happy with his work,” the source revealed, offering a glimpse into the actor’s commitment to delivering his best on screen. But Deol’s journey with ‘Stardom’ is far from over. With shooting wrapped up, the actor has now transitioned into the next phase – dubbing for the series.

His next film includes ‘Kanguva‘ alongside Suriya,

With cameo appearances from some of Bollywood’s biggest names, including Shah Rukh Khan himself, along with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, and of course, Bobby Deol, anticipation for the series is at an all-time high. As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Stardom,’ one thing’s for certain – with Aryan Khan at the helm and Bobby Deol leading the charge, this series is poised to set the small screen ablaze with its star power and gripping storytelling.

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