Get ready to laugh out loud this summer as everyone’s favorite feline, Garfield, is set to appear on the big-screen in an adventure-packed film! With Varun Sharma lending his voice to Garfield in Hindi, Indian audiences are in for a treat. Known for his comedic timing and infectious energy, Varun Sharma’s portrayal is sure to add an extra layer of hilarity to Garfield’s escapades.

Growing up with Garfield as a childhood companion, Varun Sharma brings a nostalgic charm to the dubbing process, making it a delightful experience for both him and the audience. His infectious enthusiasm for the role shines through as he shares his excitement about being a part of this iconic project. Fans can expect to relive their cherished childhood memories while enjoying Garfield’s antics on the big screen. Varun Sharma has this reaction to lending his voice…

For me, lending my voice for ‘The Garfield Movie’ has been a character I have followed since my childhood, and I resonate with his quirks. The entire dubbing process was an amazing experience, allowing me to relive all the best of my childhood memories. I am thankful to Sony Pictures Releasing International for this opportunity. I am eagerly waiting for the audience to have an absolute blast watching the film!

Sony Pictures Entertainment India’s decision to release ‘The Garfield Movie’ in multiple languages, including Hindi and Tamil, ensures that audiences across the country can join in on the fun. With the film hitting theaters on 24th May 2024, get ready for a purr-fectly entertaining cinematic experience that’s bound to leave you smiling from whisker to whisker!