In a land where myths and legends come alive on the silver screen, Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is all set to take on a role of epic proportions in Nitesh Tiwari’s upcoming magnum opus, “Ramayana.” The buzz around this project has been electrifying, with fans eagerly anticipating the larger-than-life retelling of one of India’s most revered epics. However, amidst the excitement, a recent report has sent shockwaves through the industry – Ranbir Kapoor’s staggering fee demand of Rs 75 crores for the film.

Now, before you pick your jaw up off the floor, let’s take a closer look at this eye-popping figure. Ranbir Kapoor, known for his intense dedication to his craft, has been undergoing rigorous training to do justice to the iconic character he’s set to portray. From physical transformation to mastering the nuances of the role, Ranbir is leaving no stone unturned to bring Lord Ram to life on the big screen. Comparing it to his previous projects, Ranbir’s fee for “Ramayana” surpasses even his recent high-profile film, “Animal.” Reports suggest that his fee for “Animal” was in the ballpark of Rs 30 to 35 crores, marking a significant increase for his portrayal of Lord Ram. However, considering the scale and ambition of “Ramayana,” one might argue that the demand is justified.

Nitesh Tiwari, the mastermind behind this cinematic spectacle, has already kicked off filming, much to the delight of eager fans. So, is Ranbir’s fee truly shocking? Perhaps. But in the world of Bollywood, where dreams are spun into reality on the silver screen, perhaps it’s just the cost of bringing legends to life. After all, can you really put a price on the magic of cinema?

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