Eid celebrations in Bollywood are always a sight to behold, especially when the Khans – Shah Rukh, Salman, and Aamir – step out to greet their fans with warmth, love, and of course, some sweet surprises. This Eid was no different as the trio spread joy and festive cheer in their own unique ways, capturing the hearts of fans across the globe. Check them all out below…

Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, kicked off the celebrations by gracing the balcony of his iconic Mannat residence. Amidst the thunderous cheers of his devoted fans, Shah Rukh stood tall, flashing his trademark dimpled smile, and showered the crowd with waves, salutes, and blown kisses. Meanwhile, the Sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan, kept up with the cherished tradition by stepping onto his balcony to greet his legion of fans. Dressed in his festive best, Salman radiated charm and charisma as he waved, saluted, and folded his hands in reverence to the adoring crowd below. Salman was accompanied by none other than his father, the legendary Salim Khan, spreading double the joy and love.

The Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, celebrated Eid in his own unique style, stepping out with his sons Junaid and Azad in their festive attire. The trio delighted paparazzi and fans alike as they posed for photos outside their Mumbai residence, spreading smiles wherever they went. Aamir Khan’s sweet gesture of distributing sweets to the paparazzi added an extra touch of sweetness to the festive occasion, symbolizing the spirit of sharing and camaraderie that defines Eid celebrations.

As the Khans of Bollywood celebrated Eid with grace, charm, and a whole lot of love, they reminded us once again of the joy of coming together, spreading happiness, and cherishing traditions. Truly, the Khans of Bollywood continue to reign supreme, not just on screen, but also in the hearts of millions around the world.