In a shocking turn of unfortunate events, Salman Khan and his family were rudely awakened by the terrifying noise of gunshots that pierced through their home. Law enforcement swiftly took action, launching an extensive investigation into the perpetrators behind this disturbing act. Furthermore, security measures have been significantly reinforced around the vicinity of Salman’s residence to provide utmost protection for him and his family. In response to these distressing events, Salim Khan, Salman’s father, has voiced his thoughts on this matter.

Salim Khan, father of actor Salman Khan, has finally broken his silence on the alarming incident of gunshots fired at their residence. He calmly assured the public that there was no cause for worry, attributing the shooters’ actions to a desire for publicity. “There is nothing to tell. They just want publicity, there is no need to worry,” he confidently stated in an interview with CNN News 18. Despite Salman Khan’s absence from public reaction thus far, the unfolding events have gripped the entire nation, leaving everyone intrigued and concerned.

As the nation remains on edge, we fervently wish Salman Khan and his family safety and security during this challenging time. May they find peace and tranquility amidst the unsettling events.