As Deepika Padukone embraces the journey of motherhood with grace and joy, she’s also discovering new avenues to add a touch of creativity to her pregnancy experience. Since announcing her pregnancy alongside husband Ranveer Singh in February 2024, Deepika has been sharing glimpses of her maternity journey, delighting fans with her candid updates. And now, the Bollywood diva has unveiled her newest hobby, one that’s as charming as it is heartwarming: embroidery!

Check out the post below…

In a recent Instagram post on April 16, 2024, Deepika Padukone gave her followers a peek into her latest passion project—a piece of embroidery in progress. The snapshot showcases intricate motifs crafted from a vibrant array of colors, hinting at Deepika’s flair for creativity and attention to detail. With each stitch, she’s weaving a tapestry of love and anticipation, capturing the essence of her journey towards motherhood. Accompanying the image is a heartfelt note from the mommy-to-be, expressing her enthusiasm for the craft and the joy it brings her during this special time. Deepika writes, “Hopefully I’ll be able to share the completed version!”

As Deepika Padukone eagerly awaits the arrival of her bundle of joy in September 2024, her foray into embroidery serves as a colorful thread weaving through the fabric of her pregnancy experience—a testament to the boundless creativity and love that define this remarkable chapter in her life.