On Sunday morning, an incident occurred at Salman Khan’s residence, Galaxy Apartments, in Mumbai. Thankfully, Salman and his family emerged unharmed, with heightened security measures now in place. Galaxy Apartments has been Salman’s abode for years. Despite the option to move to a larger space, Salman has previously shared his sentiment of staying connected to his roots by continuing to reside in the iconic Galaxy Apartments.

During an episode of Farah Khan’s chat show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein,’ in 2009, Salman Khan and his family shed light on their choice to reside in a modest one-bedroom apartment at Galaxy Apartments despite Salman’s superstar status and earnings. Salman attributed this decision to the close proximity to his mother’s residence, emphasizing the sense of security it brings. Meanwhile, Salma Khan recounted the challenges of fans gathering outside their apartment, with police urging Salman to greet them briefly, a practice discouraged by Salim Khan to prevent encouraging persistent fan gatherings. This glimpse into the Khan family’s dynamics reveals their values of closeness and security while navigating the challenges of fame and fan interactions.

The reason behind Salman Khan’s choice to stay close to his mother is heartwarming and speaks volumes about his family values. It’s a testament to the Khan family’s bond and their prioritization of love and security above all else.