Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have long been the epitome of Bollywood’s power couple, setting hearts aflutter with their love story and adorable family moments. But it’s not just their on-screen chemistry that has fans swooning; it’s their off-screen antics and heartwarming anecdotes that truly steal the show. And in a recent revelation, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared a delightful tale involving none other than their curious little munchkin, Taimur, and Saif’s epic tattoo surprise.

Kareena and Saif with their adorable kids!

It all began in the early stages of their romance when Saif Ali Khan decided to make a bold statement of his love for Kareena by getting her name tattooed on his forearm. Fast forward to years later, and their adorable son, Taimur, has become the centre of attention with his irresistible charm and curious nature. In an interview with Brides Today, Kareena Kapoor Khan spilled the beans on Taimur’s adorable fascination with Saif’s tattoo, revealing, “He has done lots of romantic things. I think the most romantic thing is when my son points at it now and asks.” Kareena shared how Taimur is constantly drawn to the tattoo, his eyes widening with wonder as Saif explains, “This is your mom’s name.” But the ever-curious Taimur is left pondering, “What is he saying?” – a moment that Kareena cherishes as truly special.

As Taimur grows older, one can only imagine the delightful anecdotes that await us. But for now, let’s revel in the sweetness of his innocent curiosity and Saif’s timeless tribute to his beloved Kareena.