Alia Bhatt has not only captured the hearts of audiences globally but has also earned recognition internationally for her exceptional talent and versatility. Her recent achievement of being featured in Time magazine’s prestigious list of ‘100 most influential people of 2024’ underscores her growing impact and acclaim on the global stage.

Alia Bhatt expressed heartfelt gratitude for being part of ‘Time 100’, she further thanked director Tom Harper for his kind words. In a note penned down, she thanked Harper for his kind words, emphasizing his recognition of her multifaceted contributions. Harper’s acknowledgement of her prowess not only as a leading actor in the Indian film industry for over a decade but also as a businesswoman and philanthropist resonated deeply with her. His praise extended to her improvisational skills, citing a scene in their collaboration where she shone brilliantly. Highlighting her unique blend of movie-star allure and genuine sensitivity, Harper emphasized Bhatt’s luminous presence on screen and her grounded assurance off it.

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Congratulations to Alia Bhatt on her well-deserved inclusion in the Times 100 Most Influential People list, a testament to her remarkable talent and global impact! Her dedication to her craft and philanthropic endeavours continues to inspire audiences worldwide.

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