In the ever-evolving landscape of Bollywood, new talents emerge, capturing the hearts of audiences with their performances and charm. One such rising star is Vedang Raina, whose debut in the film “The Archies” garnered attention not only for his acting prowess but also for his striking resemblance to none other than the effervescent Ranveer Singh. As Vedang embarked on his journey in the world of Hindi cinema, he found himself at the centre of a delightful anecdote involving Alia Bhatt during the shoot of “Jigra.” In a recent interview, Vedang shared a fascinating tidbit from the sets of “Jigra,” where he had the pleasure of working alongside the talented Alia Bhatt. As discussions about his resemblance to Ranveer Singh circulated among netizens, Alia herself couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities.

Vedang reminisced, “Before ‘The Archies’ released, I was already shooting for ‘Jigra.’ One day Alia mentioned it to me, and at that time, no one was really saying it because ‘The Archies’ wasn’t out.” It seems that Alia’s keen eye caught the resemblance, sparking a playful acknowledgement of the intriguing comparison. Adding to the fun, Vedang revealed that his director, Vasan Bala, joined in on the banter by capturing a still of him from the monitor and cheekily declaring, “That’s Ranveer Singh.” The playful exchange on set likely added an extra layer of camaraderie among the cast and crew, showcasing the light-hearted spirit of the filmmaking process. Despite the buzz surrounding his resemblance to Ranveer Singh, Vedang maintained a humble demeanour, expressing his surprise at the widespread comparison. In a previous interview, he confessed, “I still don’t really see it. But I just thought that if so many people are seeing something, then there must be some truth to it.”

Vedang is currently working on his next, with Alia Bhatt…

As Vedang Raina continues to carve his path in Bollywood, his playful encounter with Alia Bhatt and the amusing revelation of his resemblance to Ranveer Singh serve as delightful anecdotes in his burgeoning career.