Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur have been sparking rumors about their relationship with their frequent public outings and social media interactions. Now, in a recent interview, Ananya’s father, Chunky Panday, addressed these rumors about his daughter’s alleged romance with Aditya Roy Kapur.

In a recent interview with Lehren Retro, Chunky Panday shared his perspective on fatherhood, admitting to feeling nervous but not about his daughters having boyfriends. He humorously acknowledged his tendency to spoil and pamper them, jokingly expressing sympathy for any potential suitors who might have to live up to his standards. Regarding his daughter Ananya Panday‘s rumored relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur, Chunky took a modern approach, acknowledging her independence at 25 and supporting her freedom to make her own choices in matters of love and relationships. He said,” I think it’s fine. She’s 25, earning more money than me right now, and free to do what she wants. How dare I tell my 25-year-old daughter not to have a boyfriend?”

Chunky Panday’s modern and supportive stance towards Ananya’s rumored relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur is commendable. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more of Aditya and Ananya’s blossoming romance in the future!