One of the most evergreen films of Shah Rukh Khan has to be ‘Chak De! India’. While growing up, I watched it quite a few times, and it has inspired me so much. You’ll be amazed to know that Shah Rukh Khan shot the iconic ‘sattar minute’ scene of the movie in a single take. His ‘Chak De! India’ co-star Vidya Malavade revealed this in a recent interview.

In conversation with, ‘Chak De! India’ actor shared an interesting fact about the film’s iconic ‘sattar minute’ scene. “Any coach giving a speech to his team, will bring back the memory of ‘Chak De’, and especially when ‘Coach sir’ (SRK) is doing it, then definitely it will remind you of that moment. Most of those scenes from ‘Chak De’ are still prominent in people’s minds and that particular scene for sure. I still remember when SRK came and shot that scene, he did that in one take, he just nailed it. He is so amazing and well prepared always and that is the magic of SRK,” Vidya Malavade revealed. Check out the ‘sattar minute’ scene here:

The 2007 sports drama film directed by Shimit Amin and written by Jaideep Sahni is one of the most motivating films of all time, and it has inspired sportspeople to work sincerely towards their career goals despite all the hurdles.

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