As Varun Dhawan gears up for an exhilarating year ahead, filled with exciting releases and new projects, there’s even more joy on the horizon as he eagerly awaits the arrival of his first child. Amidst this whirlwind of excitement, today marks Varun’s birthday, adding an extra layer of celebration to the occasion. With enthusiasm brimming, Varun generously shares an inside look into his birthday festivities, inviting his followers to join in the joyous occasion!

Varun Dhawan took his birthday celebrations to Instagram, treating fans to a delightful glimpse of the festivities. From posing with a beaming smile alongside his birthday cake to sharing sweet moments with his mom and adorable niece, Varun’s celebration was nothing short of heartwarming. With his pet dog, Joey, adding to the charm, each snapshot captured the essence of joy and togetherness. In his caption, Varun shared some words of wisdom while expressing gratitude for the love and well-wishes. What’s more exciting is his hint about starting a new movie soon, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next project. It’s moments like these that remind us of the fun and excitement that come with every new adventure in Varun’s journey. I’m curious if Varun Dhawan is indeed starting ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari’ with Janhvi Kapoor, and if so, I’m eagerly anticipating their on-set chemistry and moments together!

Wishing Varun Dhawan a fantastic birthday filled with joy and laughter, and sending him heaps of luck for his upcoming project! Here’s to another year of success and thrilling performances on the big screen.