Ranbir Kapoor’s dedication to fitness is undeniable, with recent glimpses of him pushing his limits in the countryside. Now, his physical trainer, Shivoham, has unveiled Ranbir’s remarkable three-year transformation including ‘Animal’. The evolution is astounding, showcasing Ranbir’s commitment to his craft. As we witness his transition we’re left in awe of his continuous dedication and hard work.

Shivoham, Ranbir Kapoor’s trainer recently shared a carousel post on his official Instagram handle, unveiling Ranbir’s remarkable physical journey. The first image showcased Ranbir’s iconic beefed-up look from ‘Animal,’ released last year. In the next frame, we see a regular Ranbir poised to begin his transformation journey. The transformation is nothing short of astonishing, leaving us in awe of Ranbir and his trainer’s precision and dedication to their craft.

We’re eagerly anticipating Ranbir Kapoor’s full form in ‘Ramayana,’ and the excitement is palpable! Get ready to be pumped as we await his captivating portrayal in this epic saga.