Lights, camera, action, and a shot of rum, please! When it comes to method acting, Bollywood’s Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan, takes the phrase “getting into character” to a whole new level. In a fascinating journey down the memory lane of Bollywood, let’s rewind to the iconic film ‘Devdas’ and uncover the story behind Shah Rukh Khan’s method of acting antics. Directed by the visionary Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘Devdas’ is a timeless tale of love, longing, and tragedy, with Shah Rukh Khan essaying the titular role of the tormented Devdas. But what truly sets this performance apart is Khan’s commitment to authenticity, even if it meant indulging in some unconventional methods.

According to Talsania, Khan, in his pursuit of perfection, decided to forego the theatrics of fake alcohol and instead opted for the real deal. Yes, you read that right! Shah Rukh Khan, the epitome of suave sophistication, actually drank rum to embody the essence of Devdas’s intoxication. Imagine the scene: Khan, under the scorching afternoon sun, taking shot after shot of rum, all in the name of art and authenticity. When questioned about his unconventional method, Khan’s response was as enigmatic as his on-screen persona. “Sir, acting toh ho jayegi. Aankhon mein sharab dikhti nahi hai na, uska kya,” he quipped, emphasizing that while acting can be mastered, the true essence of intoxication lies not in the eyes but in the soul. And so, armed with a shot glass and a steely resolve, Shah Rukh Khan embarked on a journey to embody the tortured soul of Devdas, transcending the boundaries between actor and character with each sip.

Check out how earnestly he portrayed the character of ‘Devdas,’

So the next time you watch ‘Devdas’ and marvel at Khan’s mesmerizing performance, remember the shot of rum that fueled his passion and propelled him into the realm of cinematic immortality. As they say in Bollywood, “Lights, camera, cheers!”