In the original version of ‘IF’ the film stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and a myriad of talented actors. But if this enchanting tale were to be reimagined with Bollywood characters, here’s who I envision would make the perfect cast for the film…

Here’s Who Would Play The Characters In The Indian Version…

1. Ranveer Singh As Ryan Reynolds

Ranveer Singh’s dynamic energy, magnetic humor, and endearing personality make him an ideal choice for the character of Cal. Plus, his past portrayal of characters like Deadpool showcases his versatility and ability to bring depth to unconventional roles.

2. Alia Bhatt as Blake Lively (Octopuss)

Blake Lively embodies Octopuss in the film, a feline character who identifies as an octopus, donning octopus attire daily. Alia Bhatt, with her unique blend of innocence and vivacity, would light up the screen with her portrayal of this character, infusing it with charm and energy.

3. Akshay Kumar as Steve Carell (Blue)

Steve Carell is the ideal choice to portray Blue, an imaginary friend who notably appears purple. Carell’s ability to embody larger-than-life characters, eliciting both laughter and tears, makes him a perfect fit for the role. In an Indian adaptation, Akshay Kumar would excel in balancing the warmth and humor of the character, making him the top contender to bring Blue to life on screen.

4. Tabu as Phoebe Waller (Blossom)

Phoebe Waller’s voice brings Blossom to life, a stunning butterfly who dances ballet and possesses a calm and cool demeanor, making her the most level-headed imaginary friend. In an Indian adaptation, Tabu’s grace, elegance, and acting prowess make her the perfect choice to portray Blossom. Tabu’s ability to convey depth and poise in her performances would beautifully capture the essence of this character, adding depth and authenticity to the role.

5. Kiara Advani as Emily Blunt (La Licorne)

Kiara Advani’s jolly and cute personality perfectly aligns with the whimsical and magical nature of the unicorn imaginary friend in the film. Her infectious energy and charm would infuse the character with a delightful and endearing quality, adding a touch of joy and warmth to every scene. Advani’s ability to captivate audiences with her charisma and presence makes her an excellent choice to embody the unicorn IF.

6. Farhan Akhtar as Bradley Cooper (Ice)

Bradley Cooper lends his voice to an ice cube in a half-filled glass of water, offering a unique and refreshing perspective. In the Hindi adaptation, Farhan Akhtar’s cool and laid-back personality makes him an ideal choice to bring this animated persona to life. With his natural charm and effortless charisma, Akhtar would add a refreshing twist to the character, infusing it with his signature style and wit, making it resonate with audiences in a whole new way.

7. Anil Kapoor as Christopher Meloni (Cosmo)

Christopher Meloni’s deep voice and signature style bring Cosmo, the Cold War superspy IF, to life with unparalleled charisma. For the Hindi adaptation, Anil Kapoor, renowned for his iconic roles and magnetic presence, is the perfect choice to portray this character. With his captivating voice and larger-than-life personality, Kapoor would infuse Cosmo with a new level of depth and intrigue, making him a standout in the film.

8. Khushi Kapoor as Cailey Fleming (Bea)

Cailey Fleming beautifully embodies Bea, a young girl on a magical journey to reunite forgotten Imaginary Friends (IFs) with their children. For the Hindi adaptation, Khushi Kapoor would be an excellent choice to portray Bea, capturing her innate innocence, curiosity, and determination with authenticity. Kapoor’s potential to portray Bea’s character arc and emotional depth would resonate strongly with audiences, bringing a fresh perspective to the role and enriching the narrative of the film.

9. Amy Schumer as Anushka Sharma (Gummy Bear)

Anushka Sharma’s grand comeback to the silver screen! And if ‘IF’ were to be made in India, who better than Anushka to grace us with her adorable, witty, and charming self, even if it’s just through her voice? After all, her voice alone has the power to light up the screen and make hearts flutter, making every moment in ‘IF’ a delightful experience!

‘IF’ seems like such a cute and exciting adventure that will surely captivate audiences of all ages. The film releases on 17th May,2024 and i’m super pumped to watch it!