Alia Bhatt captivated everyone at the Met Gala 2024 with her breathtaking floral saree ensemble. Her mesmerizing appearance has been causing a sensation, earning her widespread admiration. The ‘Get Ready with Me’ video showcasing her makeup, hair, and saree styling has been rapidly gaining popularity, further solidifying her status as a style icon.

In the Vogue video, Alia Bhatt is accompanied by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anaita Shroff, Amit Thakur, and Puneet Saini, who assisted her in getting ready. Alia begins by expressing her admiration for the timeless elegance of the saree. Stylist Anaita Shroff shares insights into the extensive research conducted and Sabyasachi’s contributions, including the addition of beautiful fringing and assembling the look. Alia discusses her makeup, mentioning how she and makeup artist Puneet Saini aimed for a surreal appearance, enhancing her freckles and opting for a rose-like lip color to complement the outdoor theme. Hair stylist Amit Thakur explains their intention to align with the Met Gala’s ‘Garden of Time’ theme by creating an ethereal yet modern look with undone hair. Alia emphasizes the importance of feeling good to look good and expresses her confidence in choosing Sabyasachi for the occasion. She fondly recalls wearing a saree for the first time in ninth grade. The video highlights the collaborative effort involved in draping the saree and the meticulous attention to detail by the entire team. Anaita adds a fascinating insight about how the Met Gala exhibit was divided into three distinct parts: land, sea, and sky. She describes how the land section showcased flowers and butterflies, creating a picturesque setting. This division provides context to Alia’s ensemble, emphasizing its connection to the natural elements and the overall theme of the event.

Alia’s stunning appearance at the Met Gala perfectly reflects her timeless elegance and effortless charm. Hearing the intricate process behind her look and watching the behind-the-scenes video provides a deeper appreciation for the meticulous teamwork and attention to detail involved.