Alia Bhatt caused a stir with her second Met Gala appearance, stunning in a custom Sabyasachi saree that captivated the internet. Her traditional ensemble elicited the loudest cheers on the prestigious red carpet, elevating her presence amidst the elite gathering. As the Met Gala remains one of the most exclusive fashion events globally, securing a coveted seat inside the museum is a feat in itself. Speculations regarding the amount paid for her seat are making a buzz.

According to News18, attending the Met Gala comes with a hefty price tag, with reports suggesting individual seats can cost around $75,000, while full tables start at $350,000. These funds support the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While companies often purchase tables for their guests, celebrities typically foot the bill for their own seats, all under the watchful approval of Anna Wintour. Beyond the glitz and glamour, attendees enjoy exclusive performances and access to the museum’s archival fashion pieces, accompanied by a lavish spread of food and drinks.

If these reports hold true, one can’t help but wonder if Alia Bhatt shelled out such a sum for her Met Gala seat, though details remain undisclosed and unconfirmed.