Tabu, Bollywood’s dewy-eyed beauty, is set to join the cast of the upcoming series ‘Dune: Prophecy,’ which will soon be released on JioCinema. Her involvement in such a globally recognized series underscores the growing influence of Indian talent in international cinema, making this a proud moment for the Indian film industry. Set within the expansive universe of Dune, created by acclaimed author Frank Herbert, the series follows two Harkonnen sisters as they battle forces threatening the future of humankind and establish the Bene Gesserit sect. Tabu will portray Sister Francesca, a character rooted in the novel ‘Sisterhood of Dune’ by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Tabu‘s role as Sister Francesca is bound to leave a lasting impression, characterized by her strength, intelligence, and allure—qualities that are quintessentially Tabu. Upon awakening, Sister Francesca returns to the Palace, where she was once beloved by the Emperor, causing a significant disruption in the balance of power. The ensuing story, filled with grit, human emotions, and cosmic mystique, promises to captivate audiences. This casting not only highlights Tabu’s versatility and international appeal but also brings a touch of Indian charm to the vast Dune universe, making it a moment of pride for her fans and the Indian film community.

Expressing her excitement, Tabu shared,

I am thrilled to be a part of the massive global franchise, Dune: Prophecy, and to be working with some of the most brilliant creators, actors, and crew in the industry. I am looking forward to bringing the show to the homes and hearts of the audience through JioCinema.

Her previous work in international projects like ‘A Suitable Boy,’ ‘Life of Pi,’ and ‘The Namesake’ has already established her as a formidable talent. Now, starring alongside renowned actors such as Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, and Travis Fimmel, among others, Tabu’s participation in ‘Dune: Prophecy’ is a testament to her exceptional skill and the respect she commands in the global entertainment industry. This milestone is not only a proud moment for Tabu but also a celebration of Indian talent making waves on the world stage.