Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s upcoming wedding has been a topic of immense interest ever since their grand engagement ceremony in 2023 to a lavish three-day pre-wedding celebration in Jamnagar earlier this year. Now, as they prepare for their second pre-wedding, the anticipation builds with each detail, including Radhika’s viral outfit, which has stirred quite a buzz.

There have been reports of a second pre-wedding festivities, including one in the UK and another on a French cruise, the couple’s union has captured global attention. Adding to the anticipation, Radhika’s choice of attire has sparked widespread interest, particularly after reports surfaced of her opting for a dress designed by the renowned Grace Ling. Known for her futuristic creations featuring metallic tones and intricate designs, Grace Ling’s ‘galactic princess-inspired’ dress for Radhika has already garnered attention, with pictures shared by Instant Bollywood on their Instagram page. Recent speculation suggests that their wedding on July 12th will take place at the Ambani’s Stoke Park estate in the UK or Mumbai, preceded by yet another lavish pre-wedding event.

With Radhika’s selection of a globally recognized designer like Grace Ling, the anticipation for the couple’s wedding attire has reached fever pitch, underscoring the significance of every detail in this highly anticipated event.