Fans of Anil Kapoor, eagerly anticipating his collaboration with Nana Patekar in the upcoming comedy venture, Housefull 5, were left disappointed as reports surfaced of Kapoor’s exit from the project. The news came as a blow to the audience eagerly awaiting this comedic pairing.

According to a report by Mid-Day, Anil Kapoor has indeed withdrawn from the movie due to disagreements over fees with producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Consequently, there are speculations that Nana Patekar’s role in ‘Housefull 5’ is undergoing alterations, as it was initially anticipated to closely interact with Kapoor’s character. Despite their successful collaboration in the Welcome franchise, neither Anil Kapoor nor the Housefull 5 team has provided official comments on these reports.

It’s truly disappointing to witness Anil Kapoor’s departure from ‘Housefull 5,’ as his charm would have undoubtedly elevated the movie to new heights, adding an extra layer of magic and charisma to the screen.