The latest teaser of Bigg Boss OTT 3 has set the stage for an exciting season, hinting at a potential new host and a June premiere, adding to the anticipation. The mere mention of a new host and an imminent June release date has ignited speculation and curiosity, setting the stage for what could be the most unforgettable season yet.

Now that it’s been announced that Bigg Boss OTT 3 will be streaming live in June, the teaser’s ending phrase, “Yeh season hoga Khaas, hoga Jhakaas,” takes on even more significance. This clever hint could suggest that Anil Kapoor might be the host, which has me super pumped! With Anil Kapoor on board potentially we can expect the season to be truly ‘jhakaas’ and full of excitement.

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Fingers crossed that Anil Kapoor is indeed hosting! Here’s hoping for a truly ‘jhakaas’ season ahead!