Ranbir Kapoor’s adoration for his daughter Raha has been palpable since her arrival in 2022. From tender moments captured on camera to heartfelt declarations of love, Ranbir has consistently shown his deep affection for his little girl. In his latest viral picture, Ranbir once again demonstrates his exemplary fatherhood with a heartwarming gesture for Raha, further solidifying their bond as one of Bollywood’s most beloved father-daughter duos.

Ranbir Kapoor‘s latest gesture for his daughter Raha has been nothing short of heartwarming. In a series of pictures where he posed with the costume designer of Ramayana, he not only flaunted his new clean-shaven look but also proudly displayed his affection for his daughter. What caught everyone’s attention was the subtle yet adorable inclusion of Raha’s name in Hindi on his t-shirt, accompanied by a cute panda motif. This thoughtful gesture not only melted hearts but also sent fans into a frenzy, making the pictures go viral in no time.

Ranbir Kapoor proudly flaunts his daughter Raha’s name in Hindi on his t-shirt, symbolizing his deep love and affection for her. His unwavering devotion to Raha is simply beyond adorable, capturing hearts worldwide.