Arhaan Khan started his own podcast, Dumb Biryani, and in a recent episode he delves into the behind-the-scenes world of Bollywood and provides fans with insights they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Inviting paparazzi like Sneh Zala and Vishal Mohan as guests adds a unique perspective. In this, he hilariously compares himself to Raha Kapoor and fans love it!

During the episode, Sneh Zala shared intriguing details about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, recalling how the couple initially sought privacy for their daughter, Raha Kapoor. Despite their request to use emojis to conceal Raha’s face in pictures. He also recounted a memorable incident from Christmas 2023 when Ranbir and Alia publicly introduced Raha, leading to them trending on social media. Arhaan lightened the mood by comparing himself to Raha Kapoor, reminiscing about his own viral moment during his father Arbaaz Khan’s second wedding to Sshura Khan.

Arhaan Khan’s podcast, ‘Dumb Biryani,’ delivers hilarious revelations. Catch all the laughter and gossip as it streams now on YouTube.