Alia Bhatt has always been a phenomenal actress in Bollywood and now she has spread her sunshine and her talent onto Hollywood. She made her Hollywood debut last year with ‘Heart of Stone’ and received plenty of love for it. Following that, she attended the Met Gala and became the ambassador of Gucci, among many other international achievements, which have made her an overall global icon. Now, Alia Bhatt reveals what contributed most to her journey from being a Bollywood star to becoming a global icon like she is today.

In a recent interview with the Economic Times, Alia Bhatt discussed what helped her successfully transition from a Bollywood star to a global icon. She admitted it’s hard to pinpoint the exact factors, but emphasized that international appeal comes from transcending language and cultural boundaries, focusing on universal emotions. Alia mentioned that when she watches foreign films, she connects with the story and emotions rather than the language. She feels lucky to have had diverse roles early on and immerses herself fully in each character, always seeking variety and avoiding being typecast. Personally, I find Alia’s journey from her debut in ‘Student of the Year’ to becoming a Gucci ambassador and Met Gala attendee incredibly inspirational. Her versatility and ability to connect with global audiences highlight her as a remarkable figure in entertainment.

Alia Bhatt is set to star in ‘Jigra,’ and I can’t wait to see the magic she creates on screen once again. Her talent and versatility promise another captivating performance.