o5Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are all set to embark on the journey of parenthood as announced in March. As we all eagerly await the arrival of her first child, it’s heartwarming to see her glowing with joy during frequent outings with her loved ones. These moments of happiness and her growing bump have been delightful to witness. Recently, a new picture of Deepika surfaced online, showing her at a Louis Vuitton store in Mumbai. Seeing her out and about, possibly shopping for their baby collection, fills me with excitement. The anticipation and joy surrounding this beautiful phase in her life are truly infectious.

Deepika Padukone spotted at the Louis Vuitton store
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Deepika Padukone, expecting her first child with Ranveer Singh in September, has been seen out and about in the city multiple times recently. Recently, a fan snapped a picture of her at a luxury fashion store in Mumbai, wearing a long gray cardigan that gracefully covered her baby bump. With minimal makeup and her hair tied back, she exuded effortless elegance as she perused the store, carrying a bag and sporting a stack of bracelets. The speculation about her possibly browsing the baby collection of the fashion brand adds to the excitement surrounding her pregnancy. I’m left wondering what she liked and chose from the collection, as everything about her pregnancy truly intrigues me.

Every time Deepika is spotted, it instantly goes viral, showcasing the immense interest and love fans have for her. Witnessing her happy pregnancy glow is always a joy, as she radiates warmth and happiness with every outing.