Sharvari Wagh is back on screen, and it’s super exciting for her fans. She is set to co-star alongside Alia Bhatt in the YRF spy universe, a role that has generated a lot of buzz. Both actresses have been spotted several times beginning their training for the film. Recently, Sharvari shared some intriguing details about the project, further fueling the excitement among fans eager to see her in action.

In an interview with Times Entertainment, Sharvari Wagh expressed her desire to be an actress who surprises audiences with each new character, emphasizing her conscious effort to be unrecognizable on screen. She shared insights about the YRF spy universe film, describing it as a big commercial project, and highlighted why it is special to her. Sharvari also revealed that Alia Bhatt is her favorite actress, adding a heartfelt touch by praising her co-star. This praise adds an extra layer of sweetness to their upcoming film and showcases their strong bond and camaraderie. Sharvari also revealed she feels blessed to be a part of such a unique and exciting project.

I can’t wait to see more glimpses of the YRF spy universe film, as both Alia and Sharvari will be seen in action-packed roles. It’s going to be incredibly exciting and intriguing!