The box-office reign of ‘Munjya’ continues to soar as the film brought in a fantastic ₹8.43 crore on Day 3, even with a big match competing for attention, pushing its total collection to ₹20.04 crore. This impressive performance has solidified ‘Munjya’ as a huge hit, bringing much-needed cheer back to the box office and demonstrating the film’s wide appeal and success.

Sharvari Wagh has this to say about the love she is receiving and the box office numbers…

I’m a proud Maharashtrian, so to see this unanimous love and appreciation for a film rooted in Maharashtrian folklore is amazing,” she shared. “Munjya’s incredible box office run is a huge confidence booster for me.” Reflecting on her first big dance number, Taras, she added, “I was nervous about how it would be received, but seeing people dancing to it and enjoying it in theatres is so encouraging. Growing up, I was glued to the big screen, watching dance numbers, and now, seeing people enjoy my song in theatres hits differently.”

‘Munjya’ is receiving a lot of love from audiences nationwide, with fans flooding Sharvari’s social media with messages of appreciation.