Janhvi Kapoor has been getting plenty of love for her role in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi,’ and it’s no wonder, given the extensive training she underwent to portray her character authentically. We’ve heard about Janhvi Kapoor training for cricket for a long time to prepare for this film, and her hard work is certainly paying off. In an exclusive interview with MissMalini, she revealed that cricket kept her father Boney Kapoor’s attention away from her.

In an exclusive interview with MissMalini, when asked if she disliked cricket because it kept her away from her father, Janhvi Kapoor revealed that she might have made it sound more dramatic than it needed to be. She explained that she used to associate cricket with the thing that kept her father’s attention away from her. Janhvi further elaborated that Boney Kapoor still has a deep love for cricket, and if you try to converse with him while he’s watching a match, he will ignore anyone.

I find it so fascinating how Janhvi Kapoor went from probably disliking cricket to playing a cricketer in a film, even learning about the sport, and falling in love with it. It’s fascinating to see her journey from skepticism to a passion for cricket. Catch more such revelations by Janhvi Kapoor on the Youtube video embedded!