Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have been the subject of relationship rumors for a considerable time, largely fueled by their affectionate social media interactions. Speculations about their alleged romance intensified when reports surfaced suggesting that the couple might get married in a secret ceremony on June 23, 2024. These rumors gained momentum, with various lists of wedding details circulating online. Finally addressing the speculation, Sonakshi acknowledged the buzz around her wedding rumours and has given a reaction to it!

In an interview with iDiva, Sonakshi Sinha addressed the ongoing rumors about her relationship with Zaheer Iqbal and their rumored wedding. She shared that she is frequently questioned about her personal life to the point where she no longer pays much attention to it. Sonakshi emphasized that her relationship is a private matter and her own choice, expressing bewilderment over why people are so concerned. She finds it amusing that people inquire about her marriage more than her own parents do. Now accustomed to the constant speculation, she remains unfazed, acknowledging that public curiosity is inevitable.

Sonakshi Sinha’s candid statement has effectively quelled the marriage rumors, leaving fans to await official confirmation from her.