Kartik Aaryan, currently immersed in promotions for his upcoming film ‘Chandu Champion’, recently addressed the relentless curiosity surrounding his dating life in a recent interview. Fans have been consistently intrigued by his numerous public sightings and the rumors that swirl around his relationships, making the situation quite perplexing. Amidst this buzz, Kartik Aaryan has finally revealed the status of his dating life, offering some clarity and closing the chapter on the speculation that has captivated his followers.

In an interview with Raj Shamani, Kartik Aaryan candidly discussed the relentless rumors surrounding his dating life, expressing how his personal life had been a frequent topic of discussion. He shared that he isn’t dating privately and is, in fact, feeling quite cautious. Kartik explained how, due to his busy schedule, he meets a very limited number of people, making dating a unique experience for him. He reflected, “You might earn a lot and become famous, but one thing is for sure you can’t buy love.” Despite his reputation as a romantic hero, he humorously admitted to being “unlucky in love” and expressed his hope to find the right person when the time is right. His candidness and thoughtful reflections added a sweet and relatable dimension to his insights.

Kartik Aaryan’s openness in the interview has dispelled many speculations about his personal life, providing clarity and insight. His vulnerability and honesty resonated with fans, creating a deeper connection and understanding.