Have you ever been so excited for a show to return that you found yourself counting down the days? ‘House Of The Dragon’ has captured the audience’s attention since ‘Game of Thrones’ concluded in 2019. After the controversial ending of ‘Game Of Thrones‘, fans were eagerly awaiting redemption, and ‘House Of The Dragon’ season 1 finally delivered in August 2022. The first season delved into the tumultuous history of House Targaryen, featuring an abundance of dragons, new adversaries, and a web of deceit. Ending on a gripping note, fans have been anxiously anticipating the return of season 2, and it has finally arrived. Given that the first episode will be aired on June 17th, 2024 Monday 6.30 am (IST) along with the U.S., exclusively on JioCinema Premium, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all, as I’ve already watched the first episode (don’t worry, no spoilers). So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discuss! *theme song playing in the background*

The episode kicks off with a historical twist that would make any fan of Westeros sit up in their seats: the Starks, yes, the Starks! The legendary family known for their motto, “Winter is Coming”, makes a grand reappearance. It all begins with the chronicles of the first Stark who marched to the Wall with his finest men to protect Westeros from the mysterious and ominous ‘unknown.’ This flashback not only sets the tone but also intertwines the rich history of the North with the ongoing narrative.

Switching back to the present turmoil, Jacaerys Velaryon, portrayed by Harry Collett, is seen embarking on a crucial mission. Representing his mother, he is fervently working to forge alliances in preparation for the looming conflict between the Greens and the Blacks. His diplomatic endeavours are crucial, as Westeros stands on the brink of a civil war, and every house must soon declare their loyalty.

As the tension simmers, the screen transitions into the much-anticipated opening credits. This season, ‘House Of The Dragon’ introduces a brand-new sequence, visually stunning and reflective of the fresh chaos unfolding in Westeros.

Alicent Hightower, played by Olivia Cooke, is grappling with the aftermath of the climactic events of Season 1. Meanwhile, the newly crowned King Aegon II Targaryen, brought to life by Tom Glynn-Carney, revels in his newfound power. His intoxication with authority is evident as he flaunts his dominion over the realm, attempting to solidify his rule through displays of might and influence.

Yet, beneath the facade of normalcy in Westeros, a palpable tension lingers. The spectre of war looms large, and everyone is acutely aware that Rhaenyra Targaryen, portrayed by Emma D’Arcy, will not let her son’s murder go unanswered. As the new administration tries to stabilize under Aegon II’s reign, Rhaenyra grapples with a personal tragedy. Her return to Dragonstone is marked by a heart-wrenching discovery: her son’s remains, identified by the dragon wing found in a fisherman’s catch.

Rhaenyra’s sorrow quickly turns to vengeful determination. She demands retribution, specifically targeting Aemond Targaryen, whom she holds responsible for her son’s death. Her husband, Daemon Targaryen, played by Matt Smith, vows to deliver justice. Setting out on a perilous quest, Daemon’s mission is fraught with danger and political intrigue, showcasing his relentless resolve and warrior prowess.

The episode, aptly titled ‘A Son For A Son,’ delivers a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The climax, intense and unexpected, leaves the audience with a thrilling yet bittersweet satisfaction. The closing scenes, filled with dramatic twists, ensure that while the storyline progresses, it also sets the stage for even more electrifying episodes to come.

The makers know what the audience wants and this season they give them exactly that. Even though it is the first episode, it picks up right from where they left and as a viewer, you immediately lap it up without leaving a single ounce out. The music holds your attention yet again and so do the visuals. The first episode of ‘House Of The Dragon’ season 2 overall doesn’t disappoint and only leaves you craving for more as your mouth is left wide open.

To sum it up, all I can say is that, let the war begin. Dracarys!

(‘House Of The Dragon’ season 2 is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.)