Zahrah S Khan, renowned for her mesmerizing vocals and dynamic stage presence, is poised to make history as the first Indian singer to perform at the esteemed Mawazine Festival on June 23, 2024, in Morocco. Teaming up with the acclaimed multi-platinum producer and writer Alawn, Zahrah promises a performance to remember. The festival’s lineup boasts a star-studded roster, including K-pop sensation ATEEZ, global icons like Nicki Minaj and Camila Cabello, and the celebrated producer Metro Boomin.

Currently, Zahrah S Khan is busy perfecting her setlist and rehearsing intensively to deliver an unforgettable show. Her collaboration with Alawn has added a fresh and exciting dimension to her performance, blending her unique style with cutting-edge production. Zahrah shared…

Performing at the Mawazine Festival is a dream come true. This isn’t just a personal milestone but a testament to the growing influence of Indian music worldwide. Working with Alawn has brought a new energy to my music, and I can’t wait to share this experience with fans from around the globe.

This significant milestone underscores Zahrah’s exceptional talent and cements her status as a trailblazer in Indian music. With over 2.5 million attendees annually, the Mawazine Festival is the world’s second-largest music festival, featuring 90 events across 7 stages from June 21st to 29th. Zahrah showcases her ability to captivate audiences globally with her distinctive style and talent.