Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are everyone’s favorite couple for all the right reasons! Anushka and Virat have kept their two children, Akaay and Vamika, away from the limelight, and both the paparazzi and the audience respect their decision by maintaining their distance. Recently, a famous paparazzo revealed details about Anushka and Virat’s daughter, Vamika, leaving everyone in complete shock!

Recently, during an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit hosted by Varinder Chawla, fans flooded the comments section with various questions. One fan asked about the appearance of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s daughter, specifically who she resembles more. Chawla responded that Vamika looked like Anushka. However, this sparked a flurry of responses from fans who seemed to disagree. One user remarked, “He hasn’t seen Vamika, clearly,” while another commented, “Haha, seriously, she’s a mini Virat.” From my perspective, even though opinions differ, Vamika actually looks more like Virat Kohli based on the glimpses we’ve seen.

I, along with many others, eagerly await the day when Anushka, Virat, Vamika, and Akaay share a family photo, whenever they feel comfortable. Their fans are excited to see the whole family together, respecting their privacy until then.