Bigg Boss OTT is back with another exciting season, hosted by Anil Kapoor. The show has already sparked intense discussions among contestants, with YouTuber Armaan Malik’s marriage with Payal and Kritika becoming a focal point. In a recent episode on June 24, tensions escalated as Armaan Malik and Deepak Chaurasia engaged in a heated argument that quickly turned ugly leaving everyone in shock!

The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss OTT house turned tense when a casual conversation between Deepak Chaurasia and Armaan Malik quickly escalated into a heated argument. It all started with a discussion about food distribution among contestants, where Armaan interrupted, mentioning the uncertainty of when rations would arrive. Deepak responded sharply, “Why are you explaining? I didn’t ask for an explanation. I’m just stating the facts.” Armaan defended himself, saying, “I’m just sharing my thoughts like you are.” Tempers flared as Deepak accused Armaan of playing a ‘double game’ and seeking attention with unnecessary interruptions. He criticized Armaan, saying, “You’re trying to hog the limelight unnecessarily.” The argument intensified further when Deepak interpreted a gesture between Armaan and his wife Kritika as manipulative, remarking, “That’s just for sympathy, isn’t it?” The exchange left other housemates intervening to calm the escalating tension, highlighting the volatile dynamics within the Bigg Boss OTT house.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds next in the Bigg Boss house—more drama and unexpected twists are always around the corner! It’s going to be an exciting watch as tensions continue to rise among the contestants.