Ranveer Singh consistently captures attention with his unique style and affectionate displays with his wife, Deepika Padukone. As they prepare to welcome their first child, the couple has been seen together frequently. Recently, Ranveer amused everyone with his creative editing skills on social media, eliciting widespread laughter.

Ranveer Singh recently took to Instagram to share a hilarious photo where he appears to be joyfully posing with Oprah Winfrey, alongside photographer Rohan Shrestha. In the picture, the actor is seen holding Oprah’s arm, with all of them flashing bright smiles. At first glance, the image left me wondering if it was real, but upon closer inspection, it’s evident that the picture is photoshopped. Ranveer humorously edited his face into the original photograph featuring Oprah and Rohan. “Lovely memories… Oprah and I with the icon, Rohan Shrestha,” he captioned the post. This amusing post is a perfect example of Ranveer’s typical style, leaving everyone in splits and toasting his fun-loving personality.

Ranveer Singh’s humor never fails to make me laugh, and I eagerly look forward to seeing the same wit and charm on screen soon. His playful antics and creativity always bring a smile to my face.