Alia Bhatt, a successful entrepreneur and an acclaimed actress, has recently added another feather to her cap by launching her first book. In a heartfelt moment, she exclusively revealed to MissMalini who the first person to read her book was.

The first person Alia Bhatt chose to share her book with was her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. This choice is particularly sweet given their close bond and shared history. Alia mentioned…

It was my sister Shaheen! She’s an incredibly talented writer, and her opinion means the world to me. When I shared the very first draft with her, she absolutely loved the storyline. Shaheen and I spent our childhood rescuing cats and dogs from the streets, so this story resonated deeply with our shared experiences. I credit her for nurturing my love for animals.

It’s heartwarming to see the strong support between the Bhatt sisters. Their shared childhood memories of rescuing animals from the streets have clearly influenced Alia’s work. By crediting Shaheen for nurturing her love for animals, Alia’s story not only highlights her gratitude but also showcases the deep and supportive relationship they share.