Vicky Kaushal has long been recognized as a great actor. From his powerful performance in ‘Masaan’ to his role in ‘Sam Bahadur,’ he has demonstrated a remarkable range of versatility. His upcoming film, ‘Bad Newz,’ is a comedy that also stars Ammy Virk and Triptii Dimri. In an exclusive interview with MissMalini, Vicky revealed that he was scared to jump into the Ganga during the shoot of ‘Masaan,’ and he shared the reason behind his fear.

In an exclusive interview with Miss Malini, Vicky Kaushal revealed a surprising detail: he didn’t know how to swim when he signed up for ‘Masaan.’ This revelation came as a shock, especially since his role required him to swim in the Ganga. Fearing he might lose the role, Vicky enrolled in the nearest swimming classes to learn the basics. He amusingly recounted how, after filming began, he told the director how he could get into the Ganga, but getting me out is going to be the problem. Vicky also shared a humorous anecdote about his trips to the Maldives with friends. Despite being surrounded by water, he remains the only one who can’t swim, a fact he deeply regrets.

Vicky Kaushal’s humor shines brilliantly, making him hilariously endearing. In this interview, he shares so much more, so stay tuned for all the delightful revelations!