‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ recently witnessed a dramatic incident where contestant Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey over inappropriate comments made about his second wife, Kritika Malik. The tension reached a peak during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday, when Armaan’s first wife, Payal Malik, unexpectedly showed up to confront Vishal about his remarks.

In ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3,’ Vishal Pandey had previously confessed to having feelings for Kritika Malik during a private conversation with Lovekesh Kataria, mentioning how beautiful he found her. The situation became tense as housemates intervened to calm things down. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on July 6, Anil Kapoor reintroduced Payal Malik, who had been evicted from the show. Payal confronted Vishal about his remarks on Kritika, emphasizing the importance of respecting her as a mother and wife. After Payal left, an angry Armaan Malik approached Vishal to discuss the issue. The confrontation quickly escalated, resulting in Armaan slapping Vishal and hurling abuses at him.

The moment Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey shocked everyone, leaving the housemates and viewers stunned. Since the incident, netizens have been reacting intensely across social media platforms.