How Team MissMalini Would React To These 8 #Diwali Gifts!

Ravi Kapoor , 10 Nov 2015

Author: Nicole Teresa Juneja

Diwali Gifts
Diwali Gifts | GIF Made Using Google Photos App

There are so many things that make Diwali such a happy occasion, year after year.

Everyone ‘suits up’ in their best festive looks for that extra quality time with friends and family. You can smell the celebration in the air! And we love it all… The beautiful traditions, the sweets, the diyas, the card parties, and of course, the presents! #MyDiwali

So here’s how Team MissMalini would react to these #Diwali gifts! *wink*

New Outfit!

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Indian Sweets

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Wine & Cheese

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You might get a few automated responses today due to our “limited access to emails” ;)

Card Games

MissMalini with friends

Incense & Candles

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Bling Bling!

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Extra Day Off (To Recover From Diwali Hangover!)

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PS: This one is really happening! #BestBosses

When it comes to presents, much like your mom’s cooking (or jalebi), there’s always room for more!

Don’t forget to show us what you love about Diwali – you might just WIN yourself an Android One phone! Find out all about our #MyDiwali contest here.

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